Thank you Tim Hammerich and  Future of Agriculture  podcast for preparing  4 podcast about intersteller agriculture.
The podcasts will be released  monthly until sending beneficial nematodes to International Space Station US National Laboratory on December 4, 2019.
We also thank our amazing speakers in the following podcasts, hosted by Tim Hammerich at Future of Agriculture Podcast.



  1. Episode #1 (8/21): Farming in Space: Interview with Dr. Ray Wheeler, Plant Physiologist at NASA. More information about the episode can be found here and listen to podcastRelated image
  2. Episode #2 (9/18): Synthetic Biology Interview with Dr. John Cumbers, Founder of Synbiobeta.  Image result for john cumbers
  3. Episode #3 (10/30): Nematodes in space! Interview with Dr. Fatma Kaplan and Mr. Karl Cameron Schiller, Founders of Pheronym, Inc.   
  4. Episode #4 (10/02):  Future outlook for agriculture in space: Real meat without the animal. Mr. Michael Selden, CEO and Co-Founder of Finless food. Image result for Mike selden finless food

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